Artist Bio: Warren Dayton

The American artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Warren Dayton is famous for his corporate branding and logo work, use of art on t-shirts, illustrations in a large number of books, magazines, and psychedelic posters.

His drawings are on many different subjects, depending on the application, including random and funny themes. The work of the reputed artist has been recognized, awarding him many prizes and mentions in competitions, shows, editorial choices and annual lists. The National Endowment for the arts has also given grants to Warren Dayton in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of graphic design. This Warren Dayton Biography provides an overview of one of most famous American psychedelic poster artists and illustrators, in the same realm as artist Bruce Riley.

Warren Dayton was born in the city of Sacramento in Southern California on the first of March, 1940. His pioneering family had a long artistic tradition going back four generations.In the year 1961, he won a scholarship for the design of advertising, illustration at the Los Angeles based Chouinard Art Institute, which is now renamed as the California Institute of Arts. Initially, he worked in Southern California in various ad agencies, before he started freelancing from 1965. He became famous after being featured in Los Angeles Times West magazine in 1967 for pioneering the reproducing wearable art on garments like t-shirts.

During the period 1967 to 1973 as Hippies and counterculture spread in the west, Warren Dayton was known for his psychedelic art posters like Quack and Now, which were featured in a Life magazine article and cover on the art. In the year 1974, he converted to Christianity and published the works of twelve Christian artists, including Rick Griffin in Prints of Peace. He now lives in Sierras, a place near Placerville in California, where he relocated to in 1985. In the year 2001, he founded the design studio Artifact, Ink, and works with other artists creating logos, illustrations and branding like that for Lightpost Publishing for Thomas Kinkade.

The work of Warren Dayton is widely recognized and his work like the poster for the ballet Coppelia for a performing arts organization is considered to be an example of a design of posters in the modern era in articles online and offline. In the year 2008 and 2009, his posters were selected for a national competition by the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators. Habitat for Humanity and Focus on the family are some of the charities which have their logos and mastheads done by Warren Dayton. He has also done murals for an orphanage in Mexico. He also continues to publish his art prints in limited editions.

The annual publication of the Los Angeles, society of illustrators, Illustration west has a jury to select the work of artists and has featured his work like Illustration 26, Illustration 46 in the year 2008 and the Illustration 47 in the year 2009 . He has also got a certificate from the Illustrator’s Society. The work of Warren Dayton was featured five times during the period 1966 to 1972 in the international journal for visual communication magazine, and twice in the communication arts magazine. The Club shows of the art directors of New York and Los Angeles also featured the work of this reputed artist. Check out our homepage for more artist bio’s.

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