Psychedelic Artist Bio: Bruce Riley

If you’re into psychedelic art, then you’ve most definitely heard of Chicago based artist Bruce Riley. There are many features of psychedelic art, such as:

  1. Bright and contrasting colours
  2. Surreal subject matter
  3. Paisley patterns
  4. Repetition of motifs

Bruce Riley uses a mix of these different types of artistic techniques. Because this is article just written words, and takes a look at Bruce Riley and his art, it doesn’t do justice to the his incredible art. Check out the video above to see what Bruce Riley is really about.

The artistic techniques of Bruce Riley

Any of the psychedelic art work of Bruce Riley is consisted of dips, swirls with splashes of colourful resin paint. Bruce Riley uses new and old psychedelic artistic technique, which are both explored and unexplored techniques as well that make the art look vibrant.

Bruce has also chemically experimented with various types of designs, forms and shapes which are made vibrant with the colours. Bruce’s work also consists of large splashes of paint with ranges of vibrant colour and also experimented in fluid movement that results in the amazing psychedelic art.

As different colours are amalgamated together within color ranges that gloss and shine, the result is a vortex of artistic work that will leave you amazed with his art. Mr. Riley’s psychedelic art revives the iconic artistic pictures of 1960.

What are some solo Exhibitions of artist Bruce Riley?

Bruce’s first solo exhibition, Fleshy Halo’s was held at Columbus, Ohio in 1993 at Nicolae Galleries. In 1994, his second solo exhibition was Side Effects, at in situ in Cincinnati, Ohio. The third solo exhibition, Phosphene, was held in 2001 at Lyonswier Gallery in Chicago. The fourth solo exhibition, Solvitur Ambulando took place at 2002 and this was held at Gescheidle, Chicago, Illinois. After this, many other solo exhibitions were held and the latest solo exhibition, Pure Punctum was held at Miller Gallery at Cincinnati, Ohio.

What are some selected exhibitions of artist Bruce Riley?

Along with the solo exhibitions, Bruces art work was also exhibited at many selected exhibitions. In 1984, the first selected exhibition was held at Artreach gallery in Columbus, Ohio. The second selected exhibitions was held at Water Tower Art Association, Louisville, Kentucky. There were many other selected exhibitions of Bruce’s held afterwards. In 2014, Negentropy, a selected exhibition was held at Fermilab art gallery, Batavia in Illinois.

What about the selected collections of artist Bruce Riley?

There are also many selected collections of artist Bruce Riley. Some of the selected collections of artist Bruce Riley are held at: Cincinnati Art Museum, Robert Shiffler, Arcorp; Edward Klein and associates, electric blueprint corp. and Cincinnati bell telephone.

Which galleries are affiliated?

There are few galleries affiliated and these affiliated galleries are:

  • Miller Gallery, which is situated at Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Packer Shopf Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Jacksson Contemporary Art, Columbus, Indiana.
  • Heike Pickett Gallery, which is situated at Versailles, Kentucky.

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