bruce riley psychedelic artist

Psychedelic Artist Bio: Bruce Riley

If you’reĀ into psychedelic art, then you’ve most definitely heard of Chicago based artist Bruce Riley. There are many features of psychedelic art, such as:

  1. Bright and contrasting colours
  2. Surreal subject matter
  3. Paisley patterns
  4. Repetition of motifs

Bruce Riley uses a mix of these different types of artistic techniques. Because this is article just written words, and takes a look at Bruce Riley and his art, it doesn’t do justice to the his incredible art. Check out the video above to see what Bruce Riley is really about.

The artistic techniques of Bruce Riley

Any of the psychedelic art work of Bruce Riley is consisted of dips, swirls with splashes of colourful resin paint. Bruce Riley uses new and old psychedelic artistic technique, which are both explored and unexplored techniques as well that make the art look vibrant.

Bruce has also chemically experimented with various …

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