Welcome to My World – Psychedelic Art History

Welcome to my world of Psychedelic Art. For those of you who are not familiar with what psychedelic art is, I have create a brief history below, hopefully this helps you become more interested.

How the History of Psychedelic Art Once Change the World

Psychedelic art by definition is an artwork made by an artist under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and psilocybin (mushrooms). These drugs alter the state of perception of a person. The word “psychedelic” stands for “mind-manifesting.” Kaleidoscopic patterns, spirals, circles, contrasting or bright colors, and morphing objects are often seen in a psychedelic art.

However, this also symbolizes a rebellion known as the psychedelic art counterculture movement of 1960’s.

The Beginning

Psychedelic art started to change the US in the middle of 1960’s to 1975. When World War II came to an end in 1945, the birth rate in the United States increased rapidly. Because of this event, a generation called “baby boomers” was created. During this time, the United States economy is also booming.

By 1960’s, the United States was filled with different social and political controversies. This resulted in a youth’s movement with a goal to build a society where discrimination is not tolerated. The baby boomer generation are the ones responsible for the birth of psychedelic art movement.

By refusing to follow the present culture, they decided to create a new one, then the 1960’s psychedelic art era began. Psychedelic rock music, album artworks, murals, concert posters, and underground comics and newspapers came into view. This is also known as the counterculture movement of the 1960’s, and it completely changed the world of Americans.

Influence of Pop Art and Optical Art

Pop art is an art movement in the United States in 1950’s. Its aim is to demolish the boundaries between the traditional and contemporary culture. Pop art uses mass culture such as advertising and cultural objects.

Optical art is a form of an abstract that uses geometric shapes and lines with an aim to produce an artwork that seems to be moving when perceived by the eye. It is also known as optical illusions.

Psychedelic Artists

nikoxil-rock concert posterWes Wilson is known as the father of rock concert poster of 1960’s. One of his unforgettable contribution to the psychedelic art is his unique psychedelic font. It was inspired by the poster in 1908 that his friend showed him by an artist named Alfred Roller which is a Viennese Secessionist.

Victor Moscoso is known for his use of bright and lively colors to his psychedelic artworks. His style was greatly influenced by his teacher Josef Albers. He is also an artist for rock posters who pioneered the use of photographic collage.

Alton Kelly founded the Berkeley Bonaparte agency with a goal to produce and sell psychedelic posters. He is also a popular figure for psychedelic art in which he made different 1960’s rock album and posters.

Nikos Xylakis – My favorite and main current day inspirational artist. His specialty is science fiction psychedelic art and it is, let’s just say “out of this word”.

Psychedelic Art in Commercial Industry

The rise of psychedelic art became unstoppable. By the late 1960’s, different corporations started to give attention to psychedelic art and used its potential in any form of advertisements. The art that was once known as a sign of a rebellious movement was gone. Instead, it became a part of the culture that they once opposed.

Psychedelic Art in the Digital Media

In 1990’s, marks the rise of digital media. Computers were used as a tool to revive the psychedelic art. Computer artists created a new style of design which combines the psychedelic poster art of 1960’s, advertising art of 1970’s, and graffiti art.

Hallucinogenic Drugs

Most psychedelic artists, like myself, use hallucinogenic drugs as a visual inspiration for their artworks. Hallucinogen drug contain a psychoactive agent that changes the processing of thoughts of the mind, causing hallucinations and altered states of reality. Individuals who use hallucinogenic drugs can see visual images and feel emotions that do not even exist in reality.

Being an artist lets me put these experienced images on a canvas, as it just flows out of me. So now, you can see part of my world.

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